Horizontal Textural Champagne Metallic Plaster Finish with Glass Beads

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I was approached by Annapolis family to apply decorative finish to their Master Suite Walls.  They requested something “not too dark,” due to the lack of windows and/or natural light and I agreed.  Therefore, I suggested this finish from my portfolio I loosely call: “Horizontal Textural Champagne Metallic Plaster Finish with Glass Beads.”  WOW, okay I realize that was a mouth-full (need to work on the editing that title 😉 but all-said-and-done, the results are stellar (if I-say-so-myself.)  The finish was inspired by the traditional Japanese Silk Wallpaper Coverings.

Lastly, I added 5 1/4-inch frame around existing mirror (that measured about 5ftx5.5ft) and painted it to match base cabinets.  The frame adds that extra-something special by giving the mirror and room a finished customized look, moving further away from the “standard builders-grade” look some of these newer homes embody.

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